Every birthday is a unique moment in a person’s life.

Yesterday will be difficult to forget, for the staff of the Oltremare Park in Riccione and for the many guests of the park, who celebrated the birthday of the dolphin Taras with our balloons.

The Oltremare Park, recently acquired by the Costa Edutainment group, is a recognized park suitable as a zoological facility under current legislation and licensed as a Zoological Garden. The same park has also started the practices to become a member of the EAAM (European Association for Aquatic Mammals).

Love and respect for nature and animals are the principles that have always inspired the Oltremare Park of Riccione. A deep and rooted feeling that animates the continuous search for the most exciting ways to tell our planet.

The largest dolphin lagoon in Europe is the beating heart around which the elements of nature take shape: Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Energy to respond to the growing demand for a qualitative use of free time that combines culture, education, excitement and fun in unique and meaningful experiences for visitors of all ages.

Since its opening, the park has set as its primary objective to sensitize and engage the public through direct contact with animals, dissemination and emotional contact and to create educational activities and projects that are suitable for the scholastic and university world.

With the birthday of the little Taras begin this new collaboration between Grabo Balloons and the Costa Edutainment group, two of the finest excellence of our territory, promoting the happiness of people.