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Dear Grabo and Betallic friends:

Having more than 30 years of experience creating our business on both sides of the ocean
and leading foil balloon production into a new era, Grabo and Betallic are pleased to
officially announce the launch of:

The European Partnership

With this partnership agreement, the newly formed Grabo International will transform the
European scenario with over 2,000 new balloon designs, the collaboration of creative,
imaginative minds, and tremendous potential for future growth.

Grabo International will now have the capabilities to establish even more links among
European friends to ensure continued harmonic bonds that have always characterized our
history in trade. In addition to multiplying our product selection, this partnership will also
reduce shipment time and guarantee more regular and prompt deliveries.

We are thankful for the network and relationships we have created and built together. Your
support has allowed us to diversify and grow internationally. And, with your continued
support, we are committed to offer innovative, unique and fun quality balloons.

We want to thank everybody, both old friends and new, who supports our magnificent journey from our early years and well into the future!

Cheers to partnership, prosperity and a wonderful new year to come.

Best Regards,

Giancarlo Grassi     Giancarlo Grassi
President – Grabo Intl.

Ed Buschbacher       Ed Buschbacher
President – Betallic, LLC

Giorgio Grassi       Giorgio Grassi
President – Grabo Srl

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