Eng. Simone Imola, Chief Engineer of Grabo Balloons, on photovoltaic systems installed by the company:

“We love balloons but most of all we love the environment. And what warms the heart more than the sun?

That is the way we decided to use the Sun as our best ally to produce Grabo balloons.

This year we installed a 352 kw photovoltaic system that will allow us to cut down the usage of non-renewable energy sources.
We used panels with the best efficiency in the world!

We converted energy by the combined action of inverter and power optimizer which is the best solution to maximize the production of energy.

In a time of environmental deep needs, we want to pave the way for the future, being the first company in the party sector to introduce this kind of alternatives.

And, being also very young, I am extremely satisfied that as a team, we managed to accomplish such a goal.

2019 is a great year because all the Grabo buildings will be covered by photovoltaic panels and we hope to further improve our environment-friendly position the next year.”