Let’s face it – let’s say it: we do one hell of a business. It feels like living in Neverland with no pirates.

Who can say “I am a balloon artist”? Or who can work within millions of different colours? Or work among thousands of different light hearted, beautiful, flying balloon? Or to plan a party, or a baby shower or even a wedding?

Well, I haven’t counted them but we are pretty sure the answer is: – not many!

So, the first goal for everyone should be not only to maintain this business as precious as it is, but to improve it daily. To make sure that every piece of balloon, every decoration, every composition is as beautiful as the client can imagine it – and even more!

And it is all a matter of details. Small, hidden superb details. And we need to support – as we do – the new ideas and trends. We need to implement the whole idea that “a balloon isn’t just a balloon”, and push the added value given by the artists when utilizing the product.

As producers what we strongly support is the use of quality balloons.

It makes life simpler for artists.

It makes for sounder and more solid composition/decoration.

It assures that a one-time one-day gift can last longer, up to 2-3 weeks testifying for excellent strength and quality.

Most of all, when we use a good quality balloon, when you insert it in a fab-looking composition, when its endurance is even just slightly longer than the usual – when all this happens we create magic.

Because all together, one by one, we can help to build and to keep the foundations of this wonderful business that can only thrive with the love and passion of every single stakeholder.

We are a huge family of a very small part of the world that we should give great respect to.

Because just like in Peter Pan, where a fairy dies every time someone says they don’t exist, in the balloon and party world a part of our happiness and business finishes in the dumps whenever we do not give the right amount of attention or dedication to the final output of what we consider to be more than a balloon.

Let’s keep it beautiful, let’s keep it special.

Jonathan Grassi