Maverick, a true Maison of design for party products

What is missing is attention to detail, widespread finesse, effortless research, restless ambition to find beauty.
A true Maison of design for party products.
This is the reason behind the creation of Maverick Party Design, a completely fresh new brand born from the minds of good women and men, highly specialized in design, product, quality and relations.
As Grabo group we felt we needed to continue paving the way for our vertical growth and presence on the market, maintaining our values and still pursuing our shared goals.

Maverick Party design will be launched in 2023 with 40 showstopping, mind boggling new products.

A very little number that must be seen as the will to pursue quality, not mere quantity.
A very little number that must be seen as the beginning of a long journey, with many adventures and many surprises.
Maverick is the blend of three intertwined ingredients:

  • Trend
  • Sustainability
  • Quality

The goal is to create beautiful designs, to impact as less as possible on the environment and to and deliver superior quality.
We plan to do that thanks to our long line of professional designers, throughout the selection of our suppliers, in house production and perfect materials and, last but not least, by shortening as much as possible our supply chain in order to lower carbon dioxide and utilize sustainable materials.
We feel this is can be the way of the future.
And we hope you share our dream.

Choose the perfect theme to set up your party
So many different lines to set up your party: plates, glasses, napkins and paper banting to match our balloons and make every event magical!
Our Sustainable Packaging

Our Packaging comes from a creative idea that aims to make an eco-friendly product through sustainable packaging as well.

The purpose of our packaging is not only limited to containing the product, we have thought of an alternative to make it reusable.

Once you unwrap your "paper flags," the surprises will not end: you can create themed accessories by simply cutting out the designs on our packaging.

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