Lots of ideas and tips about how to use balloons

We love to share our tricks of the trade, and ideas about all the things you can do with Grabo balloons!
On this page you will find many interesting suggestions and ideas for making the most of our products and we are always inventing new ‘mix and match’ compositions.

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Video How To

Video How to

Opening a transparent globe

Paula in this video explains how to open a transparent globe thus making it ready for inflation and use. As a first step you will need to cut off the end of the balloon to reach the inflation valve by expanding the ends with the help of a finger. Help wit...
Video How to

Gumball Globes

Our decorator Paula shows us from the beginning how to make a magnificent composition with Transparent Globes. In the video, she shows, step-by-step how to fill a 19" globe with other balloons inside, thus creating a magical effect.
Video How to

How to make Christmas composition without helium

In this video, our decorator Paula, demonstrates how to make a beautiful Christmas composition without using helium. Starting from a base of an air inflated foil balloon, the new pastel coloured nutcracker is superimposed creating a magical colour effect...