We Care, we share

We love balloons but most of all we care about the environment and people.

We believe in sustainability, with regard to both the environment and in our relationships with our employees and partners, and we want to do our part to make the world entrusted to us better.
That is why we chose "We care, we share" as our claim, because we care about the welfare of the environment and the welfare of people, and we want to share our values with those who work with us and with everyone who loves our products.
In a moment when the environment needs us, we want to pioneer the future by being the first company in the party industry to introduce green alternatives. Learn about all our initiatives to protect the environment and the welfare of people.

Our balloons are made using Recycled Material

Grabo Balloons has always tried to combine beauty and sustainability.
For this reason, in addition to the continuous exploration for new trends, new colors, and new shapes there is always a careful search for new materials that are increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Starting in 2024, our 18” balloons will be composed of 40% recycled material.


Let it Trees – Adopt Amazonia

We adopted a space of Amazon rainforest to defend it from deforestation: the Amazon cannot be replanted!
Over the years we have always been concerned with the issue of renewable and sustainable energy and the importance of social and cultural development related to food, a heritage given to us by the land. But our purpose is to go beyond that! In 2021 we d...

Terre di Grabo

«Sometimes we need to remember that we are human before we are business people» Giorgio Grassi, founder of Grabo Balloons
Terre di Grabo is an ambitious agricultural project that our president, Giorgio Grassi, started in 2018. Taking inspiration from the principles of permaculture and biodynamics, we aim to regenerate soil fertility currently ravaged by the abuse of fertilis...

Our green area

We care about the health of the planet and also the health of our employees, which is why we pride ourselves in protecting our land.
Grabo has it’s own small forest where we continue to plant trees and which is home to various animals. There is also a yurt, a portable round tent covered with skins or felt, typically used as a dwelling by various nomadic groups from the Central Asian...

Our photovoltaic system

We love balloons but most of all we love the environment. And what warms the heart more than the sun?
In 2019, we installed a 352-kwp photovoltaic system that covers the entire roof area of the production buildings, using the world's most efficient panels. We then converted the energy with the combined action of inverters and power optimisers that are the...

We Care We Share

We care about the welfare of our staff with whom we share the same space, and different ideas every day
Sharing joy for us also means doing so with our employees. Our company has grown so much over the years and with it the people who work there. We have always invested in young people, with great attention to training, and sharing with them our ideas and ...

Solvent free machine

Grabo, as always, pays strict attention to the environment, and has been searching for a machine to replace the conventional washing for plates finisher. The solution… a machine with a thermal system (no longer solvent-based) has been installed, which w...