Grabo's story

Grabo's story

"The world needs more balloons”.
Since 1982 Grabo was the first European foil balloon manufacturers

It all started in the basement of an old farmhouse where the founder and owner of the group, Giorgio Grassi, grew up, and from a clear and simple idea: "The world needs more balloons."

So Mr. Grassi rolled up his sleeves and, although at the time balloons were not as popular as they are today, he chose the path that would make him a world leader in this industry by building the first foil balloon manufacturing machine.

Many years, marked with milestones, have passed since then.
Between 2011 and 2017 in particular, Grabo opened 3 new units tripling its space and launched Grabo International with great success. Grabo has transformed from its initial size as a family business to a world leader in foil balloon production.

"After all these years, we still have the ambition to keep expanding, the creativity to back up our projects, and the will to reach our goal. We are reaching for the stars starting from a basement.".

Grabo World 2022 – Special edition 40th Jubilee

A successful team
A successful teamWe have friends all over the world

At Grabo we mix and match experience with hunger, we invest in young people by pairing them with industry veterans to grow together, we have more than 20 artists who keep us up with market trends, and 5 engineers who are constantly developing new shapes and materials. Our production facility is a home and community for partners, consisting of saunas, soccer fields, beach volleyball courts, sunbeds, gazebos for parties, and a vegetable garden open to all.

Over the years we’ve created a network of relationships around the world, but before acquiring these clients (whom have now become friends), we went in search of partners. Nothing more than a friendship creates the foundation for a partnership.
Giorgio Grassi has also been joined by the second generation to pave the way for a brighter future under the banner of continuity.

The People"I am really proud to say that the most beautiful thing we have created is a family of people that I really respect and love"
JonathanVice president
JoshuaVice president
IvanGeneral manager
CatiaSales Department
SimonaGraphics Department
StefanoPrint department
DanieleRaw materials department
FabioConverting department