Why choose Grabo

Because it is made in Italy

Our balloons are designed and made in Italy because we want to control the quality of our products at all times, and guarantee a 100% reliable product, free of toxic substances and perfect in every detail.
But above all, because we want our balloons to be the result of fair labor, justly rewarded and where those who dedicate their time to their production feel part of our family.
We are extremely proud to say that choosing Grabo is choosing excellence.


We are the leading company in Europe for balloons and have the largest market share. This wonderful result has been achieved thanks to the intuitiveness and foresight that have always characterised our company, but it is also the result of the long journey of more than four decades characterised by resilience and continuous innovation.
Quality, service, innovation, and passion define our excellence.

Grabo's strengths

Made in Italy quality


Fast shipping all over the world

Sales incentives

More than 1000 new products per year

Currently Grabo has more than 10,000 square meters of production space, 5 separate units and more than 30 machines. It is not only the largest manufacturer but also the one with the largest capacity yet to be exploited.

We have continuously invested in research and development and now, with a 350% growth rate over the past 5 years lustre, we are more eager than ever to become the centre of gravity of the balloon world.


Business Growth

+200 distributors +80 countries

40.000.000 balloons produced

Over 40 years of experience

+200 employees

10,000 m2 of production area