Create your own promotional balloon

We design advertising balloons with company logos, headlines, icons and mascots with no limits in shape and/or colour.
Starting with your logo or the provided graphics, we create promotional balloons in over a thousand variations starting with standard sizes with endless customisation possibilities.

Watch the video to find out how we design our balloons.

Why you should choose Grabo balloons

We offer endless possibilities for customising balloons in shape, size, colour, material and how you inflate the balloons - helium or with air.
We hand design your custom balloons and production is done entirely in Italy, to ensure the highest possible standards.
For over 40 years we have been serving multinational companies, advertising agencies and professionals involved in events, celebrations and parties of all kinds

Choose the balloon that's right for you
In addition to the standard sizes, available in more than 1,000 variations, you can choose Supershape, Minishape and Shake balloons. The balloons are available in foil, transparent, standard holographic, and glittered holographic materials.
Made in size 18 inch (about 45 cm in diameter when deflated), they are available in round, heart or star shape. They come with a self-sealing valve to allow them to fly with helium. Minimum order 1,000 pcs.

Standard Balloons

Completely customised to the client’s request. When inflated with helium the balloon will be a minimum size of 50-60 cm and a maximum of about 110 cm when deflated. Minimum order 5,000 pcs.

Supershape Balloons

Entirely customisable in colour and shape, they range in size from about 35 to 40 cm. Due to the size this balloon cannot be filled with helium, therefore cannot fly. Minimum order 10,000 pcs.

Minishape Balloons

Shake balloons, with handle made of the same material as the balloon, are the customer's choice of colour, the size is about 60-70 cm in relation to the shape at the top of the balloon. Minimum order 10.000 pcs.

Shake Balloons

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